Saturday, March 29, 2008

Little kids have feelings too

My son's daycare class spent part of the day last week talking about someone's new baby sister. Have they forgotten that my little boy lost his own sister just a few weeks ago? He hasn't. He brings it up when he meets people. He tells them that he had a baby sister and that she died and that he is sad. It is something that he tells them when he is trying to let people know who he is. He might only be 4, but he is a person too and he has feelings. And he is sad that Shannon is dead. And he wants a new baby. And while he waits, he has to see all the other kids in his class whose mommies are having babies. And he is sad. And so am I. And it bugs me that I am going to have to remind child care professionals that it is important to remember that kids have feelings. They should know this already.

I don't like to see pregnant people. I especially don't like to see pregnant people having girls. And unfortunately, pretty much all of the pregnant people I know are having girls. It makes me very sad because there is no pattern to the universe that I am the unlucky one who gets to have three losses in a row while people who don't even want kids get to have them every day. Why did my daughter have to die? It isn't right.

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