Monday, March 17, 2008

I don't like Mondays

I am tired. It is very difficult to be a functioning human when you are tired. Whether you are physically tired, mentally tired or some combination of the two, it takes a lot of energy to keep the stuff you have to do right going forward, while the rest of you just wants to go back to sleep for a year or so. Given how slow time is moving, you would think that the sleep that I get would be enough, but it seems lately that it is never enough.

I was happy to find out today that the BabyBeat people actually DID refund the money that I had paid for my doppler. I returned it to them two months early, because I didn't need it anymore after Shannon died. They offered to refund the balance of my three month rental, and they actually did it. I am impressed. If I ever get pregnant again, I will rent from them again. Now I just need to get that far. On a hunch, I called the insurance company on Friday, because I was wondering what was going on with the claim they didn't pay and then said they would pay. So, it turns out that the genius I spoke to the first time resubmitted the wrong claim, one that had already been paid, and the payment people were like - this was already paid, and then the genius did nothing to submit the claim that actually needed to be paid. So, hopefully this time the person I spoke to on Friday submitted the correct claim to be reprocessed and paid. She said that I didn't have to call back because it was done. Nothing personal, phone lady, but I don't believe you and I will be calling this Friday. And that would be because my doctor's office told me that they weren't going to bill me for the insurance company's mistake, and not two days later, I got a bill. Again, this is not inspiring me to want to go back to these people when I do get pregnant again. If the doctors who run the practice tell me that I am not going to get billed for something, it would make sense that the billing people (in the same office) be told that as well. Or maybe I am the one missing something here. Or maybe it's just Monday ....

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