Sunday, March 16, 2008

All I want is a stupid duck

Feeling like you have no control is a terrible feeling. We can't control anything about our bodies - when we get pregnant, whether we can stay pregnant, when we'll get our periods (or not) or anything else. I don't think I am asking for much - all I want is something - a period, a positive pregnancy test, something that I start with - a single duck. Is it enough - not nearly, but it's a start. The path to a successful healthy baby involves a lot of ducks. All I am asking for is one - for now. If the point of all of this is that I need to move forward, is it so much to ask that I get something - anything - with which I can move forward? It doesn't seem like much to ask for, but right now it is the world to me.


Kristi said...

It's like being stuck in reproductive purgatory isn't it? (((hugs))) Here's to moving forward!

Liz said...

I agree Kristi. It's hard enough dealing with the hand we've been dealt, then we get all this uncertainty on top of it. But we have to move forward, because the alternative is to turn around in a circle, which gets us nothing but dizzy.