Friday, April 4, 2008

Celebrity Preggos

I don't care if Angelina Jolie is having twins. I don't care about J.Lo's spawn. I don't care if Gwen Stefani thinks you should get more than one baby shower. I don't care if Giada had a girl and I certainly don't need her sage baby advice on the Today Show. I don't give a fart about Christina Aguilara or Nicole Richie or any of the other useless wastes of air that are having kids. Why does every freakin' magazine in this country think we do????

There are people in the world who just want a baby, their baby - whether it is a baby they carry themselves, an adopted baby - which is so stupid expensive and complicated in this country, or a baby that science helps with. Most people in this country can't afford traditional or international adoption, they can't afford IVF or IUI, they can't hire a surrogate, they can't afford a donor egg. So what is the freaking obsession with celebrity kids? Why should I care that so and so got her celebrity body back just a week after having her kids - maybe its because when she had her early c-section, they did the tummy tuck too - but they didn't mention that in the article. Or, let's talk about the early c-section - did you need it? Was your health or your baby's health in danger? Or were you just looking for a good week to be in People magazine when no-one else was having a baby? Did you want to try to avoid those last week's stretch marks because they are the worst? Was it worth it to risk your celebrity baby's health to do it? I am not sure that they care because a lot of them seem to have a lot of nannies and butlers and people to take care of their kids for them. But, they aren't working - so why aren't they able to take care of their own kids? They gave birth to them and collected the money from people magazine for the pictures - don't they want to take care of them? Now, not all celebrity moms are like that - some do feed their kids themselves and stuff like that - but they don't seem to be the ones on the covers of the magazines. I am just not sure what is right with this world that this is news.

Maybe it's just me because I'm bitter over my losses. But I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

No, you're bitter.

Allison (Dashiell's Mom) said...

How dare you make a comment like that? Have you read any of this blog at all? Clearly, you have never lost a child late in pregnancy. I hope that you realize how incredibly insensitive and rude your comment is. The least you can do is keep your opinions to yourself.

christine (lucy's mom) said...

I doubt that the Pollyanna princess that was so willing to spew such a lovely sentiment has the balls to come back and actually read Shannon's blog but celebrity absored ninnies aside. IMO we are allowed to be bitter! I know I am a bitter nasty person when it comes to self absorbed celebs and there spawn. OH and any Pollyanna that wants to tell me otherwise can spend a moment in my shoes as the mother of a dead baby and tell me how she fells about celebs babies after that experience.

Liz- you have every right to be bitter. In fact if you weren't a little bitter after your losses I am not sure I'd like you as much as much as I do. It takes all kind to keep the world spinning and you and I are two of the bitter bunch that keep "the blowers of sunshine up your ass" in check. That poster can SUCK IT.

I am so over the Pollyanna princesses and their skewed version of the world. When your baby is dead you get a whole new set of rules and guess what the game changes and we don't like it when those of you that don't know what the heck you are talking about stick you brand of sunshine where it doesn't belong.

And if s/he even thinks about bringing her brand of sunshine to my daughters blog s/he'll be blessed with a whole new kind of bitter when s/he gets a taste of my cyber shoe leather.

Anonymous said...

Don't ask for comments if you don't want people's opinions. I guess you want comments from people who will support your bitterness and not be frank with you. Yes, I have read the blog. The perpetual negativity is a waste of time.

Liz said...

Yes I am bitter. And I have every right to be a little bitter given what I have been through. You are certainly entitled to your anonymous opinion, but in the first instance, the premise of your original comment was incorrect because I wasn't questioning in my post whether I was bitter, so I can only presume that you just felt the need to tell me that I was bitter. Good for you. You have a fine grasp of the obvious.

Assuming for the moment that you just stumbled onto my blog randomly, you are not the mom of a dead baby (or three as the case may be). If that is the case, then I am very happy for you and you should be happy that you aren't in my shoes. However, if you are a mom who has suffered a loss, then you really should know better than to tell someone who lost a perfect baby just a few weeks ago that she is bitter or that her blog is "perpetually negative."

To be frank, if you do know me, then I invite you to grow a pair and use your name when you call me out on how I am grieving for my child. Better yet, send me an e-mail and we'll move this discussion off the blog I created for Shannon and you can tell me everything else that you think I am doing wrong too.

I don't expect "support" for my "bitterness", but I am entitled to how I feel and to my opinions as to what I am going through. I do wonder though, what are you expecting to read here? I am sorry, but the sunshine, lollipops and rainbows blog is obviously somewhere else.

You are entitled to your opinion, as is anyone else who has expressed an opinion or left a comment here. And if your comment pissed off some other moms, as obviously it did, then they can post here too. Just like you chose to do. And you are free to read, or not read, what you choose. If you think that my blog is a waste of time, then why do you keep reading it?

Anonymous said...

Of course she's bitter, her baby is dead? What's your excuse for being an ass?

Holli said...

It's not "perpetual negativity" it's called grief. Obviously, you've never had to deal with a loss.

Tristansmommy said...

Liz I'm so sorry that some immature asinine has nothing better to do then go around bashing grieving mothers, they should be ashamed of themselves, and I pray the Good Lord above silences the negativity some people want to thrash on us that are grieving for our children, we didn't choose for our child to die, and we don't deserve to be bashed because someone doesn't like the truth!! Who cares about celebrities and their kids, I can honestly tell you that I am beyond bitter about that!! May God hold you close Liz, and may little Shannon shower you in angel kisses..The Lord will take care of the negatives!! That person must feel really big about themselves to go on your blog and leave such a hateful comment, I pray that nothing ever happens to you to make you feel the grief that Liz and many of us other mothers have felt, until you've walked a day in our shoes, I really think you should leave your negativity else where!! I really like what Christine said, we really don't need any more Pollyanna princesses around here!! We miss our kids, don't belittle us so!!! You should be really ashamed of your self little anonymous!!!

Anonymous said...