Friday, February 15, 2008

DC Bureaucracy is driving me mad

Shannon was born sleeping in D.C. Accordingly, D.C. law governs our ability to cremate her and to bring her home. So, they require some stamp in order for our funeral home, in Maryland, to cremate her, in Maryland, so that she can be returned to me and my family, in Maryland. So, why is this such a problem? Only because getting the stamp from the city is some impossible task.

You know, I might be willing to accept a delay if I wanted a marriage license, or a driver's license, but this child (my child) is waiting, and her family is waiting, and it's a freaking stamp. And they make me pay for it, on top of everything else.

How many families have to feel that their lives are on hold because there is so much bureacracy involved in taking care of the final needs of their loved ones? Why does this have to be such torture? All I want is to bring my baby home.

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